2020   SHOWS


All shows will be held at George Ingalls Equestrian Center, Norco, CA


April 11   show premium - CANCELLED

                  Judges :  Curt Summers (amhr/classic)

                                  Cyndi Kanzler (amhr/classic/modern/aspr

                  Show manager: Alison Gerami

                  Show Steward:  Mary Hensley

May 2   show premium- CANCELLED

                  Judges :  Kash Grimes (amhr/classic)

                                  Dennis Dean (amhr/classic/modern/aspr

                  Show manager: x

                  Show Steward:  Mary Hensley

June 27   show premium- CANCELLED

                  Judges :  Cindi Carlson (amhr/classic)

                                  Doug Lasota (amhr/classic/modern/aspr

                  Show manager: Alison Gerami

                  Show Steward:  Mary Hensley

July 19   show premium- CANCELLED

                  Judges :  Teresa Palmer-Visser (amhr/classic)

                                  Jean Hummel-Kessler (amhr/classic/modern/aspr

                  Show manager: Alison Gerami

                  Show Steward:  Mary Hensley

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